Building Marketing Relationships the Right Way

How Do You Build Your Marketing Relationships?

I was asked this week what my best marketing tip was and decided it was building marketing relationships.  As an introvert, I always find it difficult to ‘just put myself out there.’  Even with my marketing it’s hard for me to step-up and grab the spotlight and mow people over with my ‘buy this now’ message.

I’ll never be a flashy, fast-talking salesperson or marketer.  It’s just not who I am.  Although, once I get to know you, I warm up and can talk about anything — in a very genuine, caring way.  That’s exactly how I want to find new clients, new donors, new volunteers, and new prospects.  I just want to be me.

My best advice is to just be YOU and build marketing relationships around the way real life relationships are built: one step at a time.  I like to think of business relationships like romantic relationships.

Building Marketing Relationships is Like Dating

Think about this for a moment.  Let’s say you’re out on a first date and the person you meet asks you to marry them. What would you do?  I think you’d run. And, run away fast! Rightly so.  That is inappropriate intimacy. This person is a stranger.  You don’t make life-long, deep, meaningful decisions with a stranger.  It’s awkward.  Don’t do it.  First dates are for introductions.  In business it equates to someone being introduced to your business. They stumble upon your FB page and LIKE it.  They do a search online and they discover your website.

However, let’s say your first date went well. You chit-chatted. Learned a bit about this person and had a good connection.  That usually leads to a second date: “Let’s Get Coffee.”

On this second contact you’re both a bit less apprehensive. You both let your guard down a little.  You’re open to hearing and learning more about the other person. There’s a deeper level of conversation.  In business this equates to: “Download my free Cheatsheet,” or “Read my free Report.”

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Now things in the relationship are moving along. Both people have something to offer to each other.  So, you take the plunge and ask to have dinner together.  In business this equates to: “Try out a free trial,” or “Try this low-priced introductory product.”

Moving Your Marketing Relationship to the Next Level

Now, you’re relationship has moved to the next level.  It’s important now to really backup your worth and credibility.  Show them you’re really the person you said you were in the beginning. After a length of time — which is different for everyone — you’re ready to take that big step.  Marriage.  In business this means: “We’ve been together for awhile now. Things are going great. It’s time for you to buy my high-ticket offer.”

Diagram outlining Marketing Relationships = Dating Relationships

Marketing Relationships = Dating Relationships

See how this works?  Just build your marketing relationships with integrity. Nurture them and care for them the same as you would a personal relationship.  I like the dating analogy because it creates vivid images in my mind that I can pull up easily when I’m writing an ad, a social media post, a landing page, a lead magnet, etc.   As my mentor Ryan Deiss always say, “Don’t be the creepy guy.”  I always laugh out loud when I hear him say that.  That phrase just cuts right to the point about building marketing relationships.

And…most importantly…don’t forget to schedule date nights after the marriage.

Always let your new partner know you value them.  Keep giving them the attention they deserve.


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With over 25 years of marketing, merchandising, and fundraising experience, Michele is now consulting non-profits and women owned businesses to market in a meaningful, result-oriented way.  Her main base is in Colorado, USA. She’s a foodie, world traveler, and happiest at home with the people she loves.