5 Benefits of Reading Everyday

The Benefits of Reading Everyday

1. Reduces Stress – reading is naturally calming and just six minutes has shown to reduce stress. Read full article here.

2. Keeps Your Mind Sharp and in Shape – As you age reading helps to your mind stay sharp. Read the research here.

3. Readers are More Successful — Research indicates that lifelong readers are more successful, both personally and professionally. Read more here.

4. Reading Upgrades Your Mental Operating System – all forms of communicating get updated and improved. See article.

5. Reading inspires you to gain direct experience – “After enough reading, we become charged with good ideas and courage to go out and explore the world.”– Chad Grills. See article.

With over 25 years of marketing, merchandising, and fundraising experience, Michele is now consulting non-profits and women owned businesses to market in a meaningful, result-oriented way.  Her main base is in Colorado, USA. She’s a foodie, world traveler, and happiest at home with the people she loves.

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